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Narvik PBEM2: German Turn 2 (April 12 – 15, 1940)

I have not received anything from Alan covering his first turn. I know he’s kind of busy and fitting this in when he can. While I cannot speak for him and what he is attempting to do, I can fill in what he has done. If he sends me something to post, I will post it ASAP.

Allied Operations - Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Allied Operations – Narvik (click image to enlarge)

In the arctic, the Norwegians empty out Bardufoss (except for the HQ unit) and advance to reinforce Elvesgaardsmoen, while moving a battalion south towards the Swedish border in an attempt to cut off the German supply depot that arrives at the beginning of turn 2. He also used his bombers to attempt a strike on Trondheim, but failed to do any damage. His bombers are now sitting at Bardufoss, safely away from the Luftwaffe. There is currently a squadron of Whitley bombers, a squadron of Wellington 1C  bombers, and a pair of Skua Fighter Bomber squadrons based at Bardufoss. The idea is obviously to toss me out of Narvik, the sooner the better, and to discourage the Germans from flying transports into the port with reinforcements.

Allied operations - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

Allied operations – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

In the Trondheim region (which includes Andalsnes and Namsos), a faux bombing run was made in order to transfer the Blenheim-1 night fighter and Norwegian Gladiator to the Trondheim airfield. The 3rd armored cavalry battalion moved to protect the airfield, The II/13 mountain infantry battalion moves west, crossing the mountains to cut off the Germans in Trondheim, while the 5th Brigade HQ rails to Andalsnes, with the obvious intention of setting up an Allied base there.

In the south, the Norwegians reoccupy Bergen after the failed German attempt to seize the port.

Allied operations - South Norway (click image to enlarge)

Allied operations – South Norway (click image to enlarge)

The Royal Air Force flies a Skua into the North Oslo airfield, while the 1st Brigade HQ escapes Halden and sets up a defense on the banks of the Glomma River. the 2nd Brigade HQ moves just south of Oslo to act as a buffer, and in anticipation of the 1st artillery organized as infantry battalion to arrive before turn 2 starts. To the west, the 2nd motorcycle company races east to attempt to seal off the beachhead (with the anticipation of the 2nd artillery battalion arriving). Over at Evje, the 3rd Brigade HQ  moves south to block German troops from advancing on Stavanger.

One thing is for certain, Alan does not believe in absorbing units to make stronger stacks.

German turn 2

German operations in the arctic turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

German operations in the arctic turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

My opponent must be a math teacher, because he prides himself on discovering whenever I have made no plans to ship units to the arctic, by exhibiting his counting skills.  I should start staging 6 battalions each turn just to flip him out. 😀

The Germans receive a supply depot via “neutral” Sweden, but because the Norse have ventured into the mountains in an attempt to intercept, or at least, cut me off from my supplies, the 138th mt. regiment detaches from its HQ and moves to meet the depot in the mountains.  Plus, if things should go wrong, we still occupy a hex adjacent to Narvik.

Here’s where the fun really begins. In the Trondheim region, the Germans stand pat. Having captured the Norwegian artillery stores at Trondheim, we receive an artillery battalion, bringing the total defense strength to 12. Enemies surround us on all sides, and the Allies have aircraft at the airfield to discourage my transports from flying supplies into the city. Oh yeah, the Germans are out of supply, and the clock starts ticking during the Allied half of turn 2.

The remains of the airfield at Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

The remains of the airfield at Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

But, wait! What’s that off in the distance?

That is the sound of the Luftwaffe flying towards the city! Could they be bringing desperately needed supplies to the beleaguered city? I can hear the Allies licking their chops as they scramble to their aircraft in anticipation of transports flying in.

Alas, it isn’t transports flying in, but 10 squadrons of bombers flying in. (At this point, for some reason, my radio started playing Blue Oyster Cult’s Me-262)

For whatever inexplicable reason, the Allies choose to not intercept, and the Luftwaffe POUNDS THE EVER LOVIN’ SHIT out of the airfield. Six bombing runs were made, and six hits are obtained. That airbase will be closed down for quite some time, and the aircraft are trapped there to be destroyed at my leisure (with the accompanying -4 VP penalty for the Allies)

As an aside, Alan did say that he was glad that wasn’t one of his ports.

Don’t worry, Alan. I’m coming for your ports. Soon, Alan. Soon.

German operations around Oslofjord and Kristiansand (click image to enlarge)

German operations around Oslofjord and Kristiansand (click image to enlarge)

Down south, around the Oslofjord, German troops attack to break out. Because of the damned ability of the Norwegians to retreat before combat, the 2nd motorcycle company flees, as does the 1st Brigade HQ. The 2nd Brigade HQ, south of Oslo stands, but is destroyed. To the west, the newly formed Norwegian 2nd artillery battalion is attacked, but it fights the attackers to a standstill.

The last remaining parachute company drops on Fornebu airfield west of Oslo, while reinforcements are flown into Kjevik outside of Kristiansand. Because of the combat results, this company is in danger, as the panzer company was to exploit to the airfield to shore up defenses, but was unable to break out. To the west, the Germans are held up slightly, but to the east, they may be on the verge of a breakout. A lot depends on how the Allies react to the parachute company at the airfield, and of course, mobilization rolls.

I am also using the trick he pulled on my by occupying Halden on the Swedish border to prevent him from receiving an armored cavalry battalion.

The first few turns move a bit slow, but business will pick up once more transports are available on turn 4.


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25 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM2: German Turn 2 (April 12 – 15, 1940)

  1. Alan Tibbetts on said:

    My aircraft are trapped at Trondheim airbase? Gee, I better throw up a frozen lake airfield and fly the heck out.

    And what’s this? The last parachute company, worth 8 VP, sitting all by itself in an easily surounded hex! Whatever shall I do? Christmas comes late in Norway.


    • You appear to be correct. Unlike Europa standard rules, there is no prohibition against placing an airfield in a hex with another airfield. Here’s where I got caught by the different rules.

      But that’s okay. I’ll get them sooner or later.

      And the parachute units are not that big a deal. I get them back on turn 12. I won’t need them until then =P


      • Alan Tibbetts on said:

        I don’t think you don’t “get them back” any more than I would get back the CV Furious if you were to sink it. But you can ask on the E-Association list and maybe you will have more luck with the Guru than I’ve had.


        • Don’t need to ask the association. Nowhere in the rules does it say that the three I get are the three that are withdrawn, or however many are left, just like it does not say ice airfields cannot be placed in the same hex as a printed airfield.

          The air drop over Dombas on April 14 resulted in one of those three companies (2k) being killed and captured by the Norwegians, yet according to the OB, that company reappears in May. The Germans have more than a single battalion of fallschirmjaeger.


          • Alan Tibbetts on said:

            I suppose the British might rename another CV the Furious, so if it is sunk it reapears when the OB calls for it. The British have more carriers. Is this correct?


            • Alan, here’s a suggestion. Try picking up a book or doing some research. You would find that the parachute battalion was rebuilt between the time it was withdrawn and the time it was reassigned to Norway. Is that too difficult?


        • And comparing it to the Furious (or Glorious, or Ark Royal) is apples and oranges. You are talking about ships which take 2 -3 years to constuct versus transferring a battalion to a new assignment.


          • Alan Tibbetts on said:

            Um, weren’t the Germans using all their available Paras in Holland and Belgium about that time?


            • Turn 12 is May 22 to May 25. The Germans had an entire division of paratroopers, but by this date, the Netherlands had surrendered, Belgium was pretty much overrun, and the division was withdrawn. The 1st Parachute battalion was reorganized/rebuilt and reassigned to Norway, hence the 3 x parachute companies I receive on turn 12.


          • Alan Tibbetts on said:

            After checking rule 18B syas a carrier once sunk cannot return.


    • Oh, and using the ice airfields plays right into my hands as well……


  2. Alan Tibbetts on said:

    Earliest the Trondheim airbase will be usable is Allied turn 8, it will then have 1 hit.


  3. When the German landed at Trondheim…was it a maximum effort as far as possible ground units are concerned?


    • Alan Tibbetts on said:

      In real life no, the Germans made several landings at the same time. They could’ve chosen to land more at Trondheim.

      One of the several answers we have not gotten answered is whether units make naval landings 1 at a time allowing the player to see the results before possibly landing another unit at the same port, or whther they all commit to a landing hex before rolling dice. How this is answered would make a HUGE difference for the Germans.


    • Maximum effort in game terms or historically? If you look at game turn 1, you saw that I put one hell of an effort into the Trondheim area. It just didn’t pan out.

      As far as Alan’s concerns below, there is no stipulation that the units in question be assigned a port before anti-shipping rolls begin, just like there are no stipulations that units in the staging box be assigned a port to land at until such time as the anti-shipping rolls take place. Thus, if I put say, two battalions to land at Trondheim, and one gets sunk, I could grab another and try to get it through, because the invasion wave comes directly from the reinforcements box.

      Alan is correct, I did not try to land everything I could have at Trondheim, but I was also attempting landings in the Oslofjord, at Andalsnes, and at Bergen. I did not want those efforts to be sacrificed (instead, it was the troops who were sacrificed).


  4. Thank to both of you for replies re: Maximum Throndheim? Brief note of explanation. Pondering (both for Narvik and SoS) German effort: Land at Oslo, Trondheim and some place north in Central Norway below the A line and that’s it. See if can get maximum possible efforts and both Oslo and Trondheim simultaneously using the “Narvik TF” to make the Central Norway landing.


    • Alan Tibbetts on said:

      This advice is for Narvik, not SoS. Personally I would not try to take Oslo by a direct landing, rather land to the south on both sides of the fjord and move north. I would also not land north of the A weather line. Trondheim is worth trying for, along with the ports to the north and south of it to prevent an Allied buildup. Taking a good number of the mobilization centers early is important because too many Norwegians means you will have a slow advance north of Oslo and many Germans will get tired down chasing Norwegians in the mountains. Even on a 6:1 with no negative DRMs there is a 50% chance of the defender getting away (unless surounded). Add in the retreat before combat and things get messy, requiring a lot of supply depots.


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